Transition Services

We help young adults prepare for college, employment, and independent living. 

Why do young adults need help?

Young adults are becoming disillusioned

Shrinking Employment Opportunities

Low College Completion Rates

Families now spend 10% of their income on young adult children
Young adults with special needs require the most help.
How exactly does this work?

We help young adults move on to the next stage of their lives!

Shift NJ provides a number of different services to help individuals of all ability levels become independent and employed adults. For families, individuals, and school districts, we provide transition assessment and planning, job/internship placement, and college support. We determine exactly what an individual will need in order to be successful with our transition assessment. Together, we use the results from the assessment to conduct a collaborative transition planning meeting, where the individual is the center of creating a concrete plan for their short and long-term future. After this intake process, Shift implements the agreed upon plan. Each set of services is unique to the needs of the individual, and are delivered on a 1:1 basis. We will typically meet once per week to deliver these services and ensure the individual is on the right track. The length of services will vary depending on each individual's unique plan; however, the typical length is 4 months, or the average length of a college semester. 

We also work with the following state agencies:

  • For the Division of Developmental Disabilities, we provide case management and ensure that an individual receives the services necessary to achieve their goals. 

  • For the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, we provide job/ internship placement and coaching.

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