Transition Assessment and Planning

Our unique combination of assessments helps connect you to your ideal path to success.


Based on each individual's ability level and initial goals, we choose from an extensive list of assessments to extract the most useful information to guide an individual to their ideal path. Several of our assessments are internally developed, and some of the outside assessments we choose from are listed below:

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

  • Self Directed Search Career Guidance Assessment

  • DISC Personality Profile

  • HEXACO Personality Inventory

  • OASIS-3 Occupational Aptitude and Interest Survey

  • CareerScope Career Assessment

  • TABE Test of Adult Basic Education

  • Accuplacer College Placement Exam


We use the results of the assessment to complete a report, which is meant to guide discussion in a person centered planning meeting with the individual and their support system. In this meeting, we determine a short and long term plan for the future, action steps, and services.