Employment Services

Offering job development and job coaching for individuals, schools districts, and through the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services

Why Choose Us?

Top Placement Rate

We have a 90% rate of placing clients in paid employment positions!

Job Retention

75% of our clients keep the jobs we help them obtain for at least six months.

Fast and Unique Approach to Job Development

We go door to door interacting with new employers to add to our network on a weekly basis.

Employment Skills Training

As part of our job placement process, Shift NJ offers training in skill areas of  that are most essential to success in the workplace.



We cover non-verbal body language, how to start and maintain a conversation, self-advocacy, and more.


We travel train individuals to use public transportation and Accesslink. We can also help with the NJ Permit Exam.


We help individuals learn to create a resume and cover letter, build interview skills, and display appropriate workplace etiquette. 

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Functional Skills

We teach any functional skill that an individual would need to know in order to be employed, including technology/email use, financial literacy, and more.

Time Management

We help individuals to implement a time management and organization system, along with strategies to be most productive.

School Curriculums 

Shift NJ can create and implement a transition curriculum for school districts for all ability levels.