Why Work for

Shift NJ?

The ability to work from home 1-2 days per week

Laid back office environment

Generous benefits including health, dental, and 401k

Two months FULLY PAID maternity leave

Company holiday and summer parties

Paid vacation time

An office massage chair that sometimes works

In return for these perks, we only hire the best. We are looking for highly motivated, highly organized, energetic, technologically proficient individuals that are not only good at writing and paperwork but are also great with customer service. On top of this, we are looking for someone who shares our passion for working with adults with disabilities specifically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a unique pay structure that is based on total workload. For support coordination, we give employees $100/month/client plus a $150 travel reimbursement each month. After training, we give all employees a 30 client caseload. This means that at minimum all employees are guaranteed a salary of $37,800 annually; however, employees always receive additional clients within 1-2 months. All Shift employees make at least $40K plus benefits, most entry level employees make over $45K. In addition, almost all employees are cross-trained for employment services, which pay $20/hour on top of the support coordination salary.


Our training is very comprehensive. For the first two weeks, all employees are shadowed by a trainer at all times. After this training period, new hires are assigned a mentor for day 15 - 60. For the first two months, new hires do not go to any meetings alone. Since state systems are complex, we do not expect a new hire to really know what they are doing for the first month. We expect new hires to make mistakes, but to learn from them quickly. During the training period we look for new hires to display a solid work ethic and a positive attitude.


Once new hires are out of the probationary period (first two months), they can then make their own schedules; however, this revolves around the needs of the individuals that we support. For example, if an individual says that they can only meet on Monday at 6 PM, we fully expect the employee to make their schedule accommodate this meeting. Overall, we require employees to spend between 16-24 hours weekly in our office. Most employees work from home at least 1-2 days per week depending on workload. Working weekends is rare, if ever, but some employees use weekends to catch up on paperwork if necessary.


All employees are required to be on-call 24/7 in case a client has an emergency. This being said, we very rarely get calls after normal work hours (typically 1-2 every six months, knock on wood).  In the event of an emergency, you are asked to gather information, write a quick report, and submit this report to the state online, which typically takes 15-20 minutes. You may be asked to call 911 if it is an active emergency, and you may have to amend services within 24-48 hours after the emergency. You are never required to personally go to the emergency situation.

How does the 24 hour on-call requirement work?

Each day is very different, but overall it is a combination of meeting with individuals and families, touring programs, completing paperwork, job coaching, and speaking to service providers. Some days you will not have anything to do until 11 AM. Another day a meeting can start at 8 AM. Another day you may work until 8 PM. With this being said, most employees work close to a typical M-F, 9-5. Once you earn our trust, how you work is up to you, as long as the work gets done and the individuals we support are receiving the support they need.

What is a typical day like?

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Open Positions


Support Coordinator


Shift NJ helps empower young adults with disabilities to successfully transition to adulthood through counseling, employment skills training, supported employment, college support services, and case management. Shift NJ is a fast growing company currently serving over 1000 clients a month. 

We are looking to hire a new full time employee as a Support Coordinator for the Division of Developmental Disabilities' supports program. We have offices in Paramus, NJ and Woodbridge, NJ, and we provide services to individuals from Bergen down to Monmouth County. Currently, all staff is working remotely from home, and will likely continue to do so for the next couple of months. We are currently looking to hire in both of our office locations. 


We are looking for a highly motivated, highly organized, energetic, technologically proficient individual that is not only good at writing and paperwork but also great with individuals with disabilities. On top of this, we are looking for someone who shares our passion for working with adults with disabilities specifically. 


Support Coordinator Responsibilities: 

  • Manage services for individuals with disabilities. 

  • Conduct intake meetings. 

  • Develop and a plan for services based on the needs of the individual. 

  • Facilitate the start of services for the individual with state vendors. 

  • Monitor the individual and the plan on a monthly basis 

  • Revise the state plan as needed 

  • On call for emergencies 


MINIMUM Qualifications: Do not apply if you do not meet the following qualifications: 

  • Must have a driver's license and car, driving to clients homes will be required 

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher 1 year of experience working with individuals with disabilities (can be a relative) 

  • State, Federal Criminal Background checks and Central Registry check at the time of hire 

  • Excellent verbal and written skills 

  • Extra consideration for candidates with job development experience or Spanish speaking ability (not required) 

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How to Apply

Please visit our career page at the following link:


Be sure to complete all of the parts of the application, including:

  • The written response question

  • The personality test (please post your percentages)